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Why EcoSoya Is the Best Soy Wax for Candles

Posted by Dr. Al on Dec 12, 2014 11:01:34 AM Comments

EcoSoya is the best soy wax for candles

Are you looking for the best soy wax for candles, but you want to make sure the final product is natural, sustainable, and safe for your customers to use?

If you appreciate true quality and pure ingredients, you’ll enjoy working with EcoSoya. There’s a reason that EcoSoya is considered the #1 soy wax for candles – we accept nothing less of ourselves than offering the best natural wax on the global market. Even Martha Stewart used it in a candle recipe she published recently.

Made in the United States, our biodegradable EcoSoya soy wax comes from natural soybean oils. With our planet’s health in mind, our process is gentle and designed to efficiently use a common, renewable resource.

We just separate the oil from the soybeans, purify the oil, and change the oil from a liquid to a solid at room temperature during the hydrogenation process. Our system results in something unique — high quality natural waxes, including the only soy waxes on the market that are truly engineered to combat polymorphism, through the EcoSoya molecular blueprinting process!

All of our EcoSoya soy waxes are 100% vegetable. Every single ingredient has passed Kosher Certification and meets the United States Food and Drug Administration criteria.

We even have all our waxes tested in a third-party laboratory to make sure there are no pesticides, herbicides, or other contaminants.

Here are 5 other reasons EcoSoya is the best soy wax for candles:

  • It’s non-toxic to burn
  • It’s generally easy to clean up from surfaces (just use warm water and soap)
  • It’s uniquely resistant to frosting and white, lumpy “bloom”
  • Candles made with EcoSoya have consistent scent throw
  • It’s perfect for premium candle making with Eco Wick Wax

To further enhance performance capabilities, our EcoSoya CB-135, CB-Advanced Soy, CB-Xcel and Pillar Blend are formulated with only natural soybean oil and the finest, carefully-selected botanical oils.

All of our waxes contain zero paraffin, animal, beeswax, palm wax, or petroleum products. This is what separates us from all the rest – and makes EcoSoya ideal for making premium natural candles.

If you’ve had trouble using fragrances with soy waxes in the past, the EcoSoya Fragrance Program is the perfect solution. We’ve worked with numerous manufacturers to collect a list of fragrances that have been tested by both the fragrance manufacturer and NGI for use in the corresponding EcoSoya waxes. You can use the Fragrance Program not only to find scents that work with your EcoSoya wax of choice, but also to request new fragrances from manufacturers based on the scents that already perform well with your EcoSoya wax of choice.

There are lots of reasons that EcoSoya is the best wax for your soy candles, and you can find more information about all of them in our blog and Knowledge Base. You’ll see that we are committed to making premium-quality soy wax that is not only good for the environment, but for people like you and your customers!

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