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Why EcoSoya CB-135 Is the Best for Soy Wax Massage Candles

Posted by Dr. Al on Feb 12, 2015 4:31:52 PM Comments

EcoSoya is the best wax for massage candles

Over the years, we’ve gotten many questions about using EcoSoya® waxes for soy wax massage candles from distributors and candle makers alike.

Massage candles are luxurious, intimate, and relaxing - no wonder so many people want to use our natural, sustainable waxes to make them! Luckily, we offer an exceptional wax that’s ideal for that purpose: our EcoSoya CB-135.

Designed for container candles, CB-135 adheres to its container for a smooth, consistent look. This particular wax is best for all-natural, colorless candles made with essential oils. Its innate deeply moisturizing properties are just another bonus!

CB-135 Is Dermatologically Tested

One important reason that CB-135 should be your first choice for massage candles is that it has been tested and approved for safe, healthy use on skin.

EcoSoya CB-135 soy wax has undergone extensive third party dermatological testing, which found no evidence of potential for skin irritation or allergic contact sensitization among 55 test subjects.

When formulating your massage candle, make sure that you only combine CB-135 with dermatologically tested fragrances and essential oils. Some fragrances aren’t appropriate for skin, and the care you have taken choosing a wax could be negated.

If you’re making massage candles or any other personal care item that must be labeled according to the FDA, we would be happy to provide a list of INCI ingredients for labeling purposes.

Using Fragrances with CB-135 

Many fragrances and essential oils work well with CB-135, especially those designed for soy wax in general. Of our EcoSoya waxes, CB-135 is the best for use with essential oils, another reason that it’s perfect for massage candles, which often feature a variety of essential oils for skin conditioning, aromatherapy, and even health.

If you have trouble with bleed, frosting, or poor flame quality with your chosen fragrance, try a different scent or a different manufacturer. Our Fragrance Program was designed to help you find the ideal scents based on those that have been tested with EcoSoya waxes. 

In general, the maximum amount of fragrance you can add to candles made with CB-135 is 12% by weight. In most cases, anywhere from 3-10% fragrance is used, but with essential oils, lower levels are more common – usually in the 3-4% range. 

For massage candles, EcoSoya CB-135 can be used in combination with botanical moisturizers like coconut oil and shea butter as well as essential oils for fragrance.

While CB-135 works wonderfully with a wide variety of fragrances and dyes, with most massage candles, using dye would be undesirable. We recommend making your massage candles with only CB-135 and fragrance.

In short, CB-135 is a premium, high-performance soy wax that has been approved for use on skin and is well suited for use with essential oils. Now, doesn’t that sound like exactly what you’re looking for?

Ready to start making massage candles with CB-135?

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