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Which EcoSoya Wax Is the Best Soy Wax for Essential Oils?

Posted by Dr. Al on Jan 9, 2015 2:59:00 PM Comments

EcoSoya wax is the best for essential oils

After this busy holiday season, most of us are going to need a little time to relax. What better way to unwind than with a candle that fills the room with the aroma of sweet, calming lavender or cinnamon bark? As natural soy candles become more popular, your customers will need soy waxes that are compatible with not only synthetic fragrances, but with natural and therapeutic essential oils.

We provide high quality, sustainable, and biodegradable EcoSoya soy waxes that work well with essential oils. Our EcoSoya soy waxes are perfect for your customers who want to use essential oils to create soothing, relaxing massage candles.

The Best EcoSoya® Soy Wax for Essential Oils

Recently, our EcoSoya CB-XceL soy wax was featured in Martha Stewart Living in an incredible Citrus-and-Spice-Scented candle recipe. Our EcoSoya soy wax was combined with our distributor Bulk Apothecary’s pure grade essential oils to make a rich, citrusy scent. This unique candle demonstrates how our EcoSoya soy waxes work well with most essential oils, especially those formulated specifically for soy wax.

Our EcoSoya CB-135 is actually the best soy wax to use for making all-natural, colorless candles that can be infused with essential oils. The CB-135 soy wax is not only ideal for making massage candles with organic oils, but is also dermatology-tested. You can’t beat that!

It’s important to remember that our EcoSoya Pillar Blend soy wax shouldn’t be used with any essential oils.

Browse our Distributor’s List to find popular raw ingredients, natural oils, and blends that work well with our EcoSoya soy waxes. We have about 50 distributors in 14 different countries and many of our distributors not only provide our EcoSoya soy waxes, but various aromatic oils to make scented massage and décor candles.

Don’t forget that our EcoSoya soy waxes are 100% vegetable and made from natural soybean oils. If you’re having trouble deciding which one of our premium EcoSoya CB-135, CB-XceL, and CB-Advanced soy waxes to combine with essential oils (or other fragrances)—we can help!

Feel free to visit our Knowledge database for a wealth of information about all of our EcoSoya soy waxes.

Find exceptional fragrances, essential oils and other candle supplies with our EcoSoya waxes through our list of distributors!

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