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NGI’s New Redesigned Website Is All About You!

Posted by Dr. Al on Oct 4, 2014 3:56:00 PM Comments


If you’ve ever visited us online before, you’ve probably noticed a big change recently – we’ve overhauled our website to make it easier to use, whether you’re trying to buy EcoSoya wax or are looking for information on using our products.

We’ve also given it a design facelift, and we think our new look not only reflects our company culture, but also makes it much easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Here are a few of the changes we’ve made:

Our streamlined Resources & Support section provides a knowledge base of information, troubleshooting help, and tips for choosing wicks, fragrances, and dyes that are ideal for the EcoSoya wax of your choice. It even provides guidance on safely shipping EcoSoya waxes and controlling soy wax polymorphism, and includes referrals to fragrance manufacturers that have been tested with EcoSoya.

We’ve updated our EcoSoya Wax Comparisons to help you find the best product for your unique goals, with extensive instructions for using each blend.

The new Become a Distributor section lays out the requirements and process of becoming an EcoSoya distributor more simply. If you’re looking for smaller quantities of EcoSoya wax, we’ve also made it easier to find a distributor in your country or region.

Since 1999, EcoSoya has been devoted to creating the best vegetable waxes available for candlemaking. EcoSoya’s mission is to develop, sell, and distribute better waxes from renewable resources than are otherwise available.

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