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EcoSoya Featured in Martha Stewart Living

Posted by Dr. Al on Dec 5, 2014 2:31:00 PM Comments

Martha Stewart Living Magazine uses EcoSoya

During this time of year, many people enjoy crafting decorations and whipping up homemade gifts and treats for loved ones. For many, it’s the aroma of the season that puts us in the holiday spirit – that’s why scented candles are so popular around the holidays.

With the DIY movement on the rise, many people are even trying to make their own scented candles right at home. Our all-natural, sustainable EcoSoya soy wax is perfect for creating holiday candles at home - just ask Martha Stewart!

Citrus and Spice and Everything Nice

EcoSoya soy wax and one of our trusted distributors, Bulk Apothecary, were featured in the December holiday issue of Martha Stewart Living! EcoSoya was Martha’s wax of choice in a recipe for Citrus-and-Spice-Scented candles – pick up the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Living for all the details.

The recipe combines the all-natural EcoSoya CB-Xcel soy wax with Bulk Apothecary’s pure clove bud, cardamom, and cinnamon bark essential oils. Because EcoSoya is non-toxic to burn and comes from a renewable resource, it makes the perfect starting point for sustainable holiday gifts. It’s even easy to clean up spilled EcoSoya wax with warm water and soap.

As we all know, Martha Stewart always goes for quality! That why we’re happy that she chose to suggest EcoSoya and Bulk Apothecary products to all of her fans.

Bulk Apothecary offers only the finest natural ingredients and oils from producers all over the world. By suggesting our natural EcoSoya CB-Xcel soy wax, Martha Stewart not only opted for sustainability but for the best soy wax on the market today. But we couldn’t help you make those amazing scented candles alone!

NGI partners with over 50 distributors in 14 countries worldwide. Please browse our distributor list to find Bulk Apothecary or one of our other exceptional EcoSoya distributors – there’s almost certainly one in your area.

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