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How to Find the Best Fragrance for Soy Wax Candles

Posted by Dr. Al on Nov 10, 2014 4:12:25 PM Comments

best fragrance for soy wax candles

Have your customers been asking for candles with a certain scent, but you can’t seem to find a fragrance for soy wax candles that will work? Frustrating, isn’t it? 

Choosing the right fragrance for your soy wax candles just got easier.

With the EcoSoya Fragrance Program, you can give your fragrance supplier the information they need to supply you with the best fragrance for soy wax, one that will work perfectly in your EcoSoya waxes. This is true whether you need a fragrance that has already been tested with EcoSoya, or you're requesting a completely new fragrance from your supplier.

Found in the Fragrance Support section of the NGI website, our Fragrance Program lists a variety of fragrances that have been tested and proven to work with EcoSoya by both the fragrance manufacturers and NGI’s lab. 

The program is designed primarily for large-scale candle manufacturers. If you are not able to purchase at least 15 lbs. of fragrance at a time, contact your distributor for help choosing fragrances.

How to use the Fragrance Program: 

Look through the scents offered by Fragrance Program partners to find your desired fragrance, and use the chart to confirm that it works well with the EcoSoya wax you use. Make sure to fully test the fragrance in your candles before you put them into production. 

If you can’t find the fragrance you want, inform one of the participating manufacturers. When you request a fragrance, tell the manufacturer which of their scents from the Fragrance Program has been proven to work well with the EcoSoya wax you use. This tells them what chemical makeup your desired fragrance needs to have to work well in your soy wax candles.

The fragrance manufacturer will either already have your desired fragrance in their catalog of fragrances, or they will be able to make the fragrance for you based on the proven chemical makeup of the tested Fragrance Program fragrances.

Fragrance Support

If you have any trouble using fragrances with our soy waxes, refer to EcoSoya’s Fragrance Support for help with how much fragrance to use, adding fragrance at the right temperature, improving scent throw, blending fragrances, and more. 

To learn more about candle performance, explore our large Resources & Support knowledge base, which covers a wide range of soy wax and candle making issues and topics.

Here at NGI, we understand that choosing fragrances is an essential step in the candle manufacturing process. To choose a compatible fragrance and improve your candle’s performance, begin using the EcoSoya Fragrance Program today!

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